Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's so unfair that you sneak up on me and know all there is about me, but I have no clue who you are whatsoever!

Life is unfair :( ........... as always!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The choice is made, the verdict is here

The news was out last week.........Archie Andrews proposes Veronica Lodge.
Many people, had issues with that, saying that Archie was ruthless and that he should've chosen Betty Cooper instead , etc etc....
But me? I was happy and not the least surprised, well it always seemed so obvious, that AA was totally smitten by VL. Why then would one assume that he would choose BC over VL? Moreover, VL has a better package to offer, and in this present day, anyone will opt for VL.

Moreover, I always liked Ms.Lodge and thought very highly of her. Sure she is shallow and boastful and of the brat type, but hey she's got the works going for her man, why shouldn't she use it? Atleast she is being honest about her fabulousness right!

Betty reminds me of Devdas, always sad and constantly hoping but never wins (well occasionally she does though, but only as second choice). The Betty types are too hypocritical and personally methinks they are just too tough to deal with. And I mean no offense btw.

Ultimately, what I mean to say is that I'm glad Archie chose Veronica and I'm sure they'll live happily ever after. The only sad part about this though is that, the comic will end (sobbing continuously!). I love the Archies collection, I always get them, I grew up reading them and never missed an issue back then (now it's a different story though). My comic reading will never be the same again.

So what do you think about Archie proposing Veronica and not Betty? Tell me more.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A healthy tip

I hope you guys haven't missed me while I was MIA! Well, I was a bit out of the blogging mood, so that kinda kept me away from Viva la Vida. Now, I've even lost track of my thoughts....

Ok, so according to the Food Detectives, the amount of water a person needs on a daily basis is.............here's the equation:
Your weight / 2 (your weight divided by 2) = water required in ounces, to maintain a healthy system and skin. 
So what they say about an average person requiring about 8 glasses of water a day is true, because ultimately (unless you are underweight or over), the DV of water is somewhere between 55 - 70 oz.

Do some good to yourself and drink up that pure, clear liquid.......WATER!

Edited to add: weight in pounds(lbs) / 2 = water required in oz.......all units in US system