Monday, June 30, 2008

Late nights in a row

Oh, I've been a bit slow today....maybe coz I was up late last night watching those IIFA awards ....which was so boring ...moreover Hrithik Roshan wasn't in attendance, it might have gone way past 1 am i guess, I didn't wait for the end. Saturday night was even worse...playing cards until 3 in the morning doesn't really do any good to my beauty sleep, I need my 8 hours daily (ah, now you know my beauty secret !) Well...I'm hoping to get a good night's rest atleast today. Will return tomorrow with something entertaining to write about.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Microsoft sans Gates?

Bill Gates and Microsoft are synonyms for me. Well, today is the last day for Bill Gates with Microsoft, officially. Thatz too sad, but a man needs to retire at some point. So the question is, whatz next for MS....will they go open source...or continue as is..well, thatz for us to wait and see.

The great FUEL dilemma

Well, the latest I heard and was totally amused is that, people are actually renting cars, removing gasoline from them and returning the rental car filled with water. Ok, so thatz what like maybe about 15-20 gallons...sure not that big of a deal. But wait till you read this....some other smarties are going for the U-Haul now thatz a whooping 25-30 gallons I guess....thatz smart innit? I couldnt believe my ears when I heard that some people have gone that desperate.
Follow some tips and save gas.....dont brake or hit the gas pedal too fast, uses up too much fuel. Dont go beyond 65 mph, again uses too much gas to go faster than required, also get the tires and engine checked regularly and don't idle your engine for too long, turn it off. Try to go inside McD's instead of going through the Drive-thru. I'm not sure about this one, but some say A/c uses up some gas...but I think in newer cars....that doesn't apply, but who doesn't like fresh turn off your Air Conditioner for short distances and crack open a window or two. And finally, dont load your car with heavy stuff if its not necessary, makes the engine work harder.
Hope this helps! My husband is sure happy that I will be driving around town a lot slower than I used to! Thats my two cents!.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guitar.....M or F!

I bought a guitar yesterday. No prizes for guessing right, but it was the talk of the day at my office. Well, some were addressing it as a "HE" and some as "SHE". So we decided the guitar to be transgender....haha, now that cracked me up big time. When did we become French, I started thinking...and still am! Now I've got a huge task ahead...learning to play and make magic with my transgender guitar HAHAHA!

And the winner is.......Coca-Cola

So yesterday I thought of treating myself to some Coke...and well me being a Coke Zero follower, went directly to the Coke vending m/c, unfortunately they didn't carry any Coke Zero. Then I thought alright why not give Pepsi a I was looking for Diet Pepsi (well, its either diet or regular for me!) and guess what, they didn't have any of those it was back to Coke for me and happily settled down with a Diet Coke. Well, I must say Pepsi's loss is Coke's gain (does it have anything to do with Hrithik Roshan??? who cares). The bottom line is even if I wanted to try out Pepsi for a change, kismat chose otherwise! And the war continues.......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ok, since when did raping a child become not that big of a deal? Well, I dont see the point for SC to outlaw Louisiana court's decision. Is killing a person physically more severe than killing a child(or even an adult) emotionally? I dont think so, well maybe I'm too old fashioned, but I certainly do not agree with the SC. Even considering that for a moment is something unimaginable for me. Come on, it's a child we are talking about, living with that scar for the rest of their lives is one thing and knowing that the person who gave that scar is not punished and maybe who knows, doing it again?? Huh, maybe its time for the SC to reconsider their votes and decision. Hopefully there will be fewer anti-social elements among us that way atleast.

Life lessons or entertainment?

Indian movies and music aren't that bad (reading between the lines, I love Hindi movies), growing up we all get the notion that we shouldn't get too influenced by Bollywood, but I'd like to think otherwise. There is a lot to learn too, always seeing the positive side of everything. There is this song, "Is Pal Ki Soch" from the movie Halla Bol....beautiful composition....listen carefully, I think the meaning is totally apt for all of us. In a nutshell it says, dont bother about the past, think about the future and more importantly the present and time never waits for anyone. I think its soo true, coz the present will soon be past and we aught to make good use of our time. Alright, now don't say blogging is a waste of time....I think its the best thing to happen...well that leads to a totally different topic (maybe next time on the pros and cons of blogging). Maybe I'm getting too philosophical(or old??).....I need a break, I guess will listen to some hindi music or watch a hindi movie.


Its a beautiful day today! Happy and cheer up everyone and have a great day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mind games

My previous post about thoughts led me to think that the human mind is so powerful. Intelligent people have more gray matter they say....well, did Einstein really have more gray matter?? There was this article, about this woman who lived to be 115 years, her brain is preserved and the surprising part was that she was as active and healthy as a normal 50-60 year old, maybe traces of Alzheimer's, but that's nothing compared to the healthy part.
Well, if all of us made good use of the most powerful part of our physical selves, dont you think the world would be a better place to live in? The mind is a terrible thing to waste. I wish more people would realise their potential and put their minds to a good cause instead of bringing trouble to everyone around them. Small issues for some translate to BIG issues for others. Everyone is born smart, we just transform ourselves as days/years go by and get labelled by someone else who think are smarter and then the rest follows. Go Rule!

It's here finally!

Since this is my first post in a blog...I will keep it simple(meaning not delve into issues). I've been considering of starting a blog for quite sometime now, but always thought it was too much work. Now, I've got the zeal to go ahead with blogging so here's to it. This blog is dedicated to all the important people in my life and also to those with whom I've crossed paths at some point in my life in the process of eternal learning from everyone. Every person is unique so is every thought, and thoughts become words which is the universal way of expression. It is hard to watch your words at times, but certainly thoughts are easier to control aren't they? So I will try my best to put my best thoughts and words for everyone to read and think and in return write in their opinions/thoughts.
Here's to the wonderful world of blogging(expression of the mind!)! Well, I'm going to toast with H2O for now.