Monday, April 27, 2009

A tale so inspiring

Such an inspiring life! We need more such women and more such determination from us Indian women. I do hope all of us realise our true potential. 
This was so moving, I had tears in my eyes. Truly deserving.

That is why I believe, that all people I come across are my teachers, my heroes, just for the fact that everyone has something new to teach me to be a stronger, better and more confident person.

Keep living life!

Please share your thoughts on this.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Dear Inventor of Nutella,

When I had my first taste of the stuff, my taste buds went on a dizzy spin. I wonder how did you get the idea to come up with something so delicious and awesomely mouth-watering that I could eat all day every day. 
Spread on toast, crackers or by itself, it's just out of the world. My son and I could lick the bottle clean, coz that's how much we both love it. Talk about calories, wait, what are those? It has hazelnuts, so it's healthy and it has chocolate, good antioxidants. See, where do the calories come in? Makes absolutely no sense.
I thank you for the wonderful creation that is indeed worth living for!

Most lovingly,
a daily consumer

Monday, April 20, 2009

It is surprising how a day goes by swiftly for some and otherwise for a few more.
Isn't it amazing, how every mind works so differently, thus carving their personalities?
What is more stupefying is how these personalities shape relations, the community, the future short the entire world  past, present and future.

Our actions and words form the basis of our future gens. Even long after we are gone, our characters still remain on this land.

This reminds me of the famous song. Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan. It's a lovely rendition of life and so true down to the last word. "Rahenge Yahin apne nishaan".

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I was fooled!

So yesterday was April Fool's day right (hah, as if you didn't know that!) and moi was fooled once, by Gmail(only Google can fool me!! OKok enough boasting)! Yep, I thought the Auto Pilot thingy was for real, I think I was trying to add that feature for almost a half hour, then I forgot about it. But innit weird that new additions were being showcased on the Gmail homepage, when they actually update on the GMail/Google blog? How come I didn't think about it. Anyhoodle, so that was the only one time I got fooled yesterday. 
It's a good thing I didn't twitter about my frustration with Auto Pilot from Gmail, else I would've looked no lesser than a fool............well, if you ask me why am I blogging about it now, wouldn't this also be similar to twittering? It would, but now that it's over and I confessed, for some lame reason its better and funnier. But doing it ignorantly would just be foolish. Yeah, some weirdo logic by me!

Tell me if you were also a victim of an April Fool's Day prank? I want to know.

Earth Hour in pictures
Make sure you click on the picture to see the lights go off.
It's just beautiful and my heart melted at the sight. I esp love the Indonesian picture # 16. 
What is your favorite? and did you also join Earth Hour?