Thursday, June 4, 2009

A healthy tip

I hope you guys haven't missed me while I was MIA! Well, I was a bit out of the blogging mood, so that kinda kept me away from Viva la Vida. Now, I've even lost track of my thoughts....

Ok, so according to the Food Detectives, the amount of water a person needs on a daily basis's the equation:
Your weight / 2 (your weight divided by 2) = water required in ounces, to maintain a healthy system and skin. 
So what they say about an average person requiring about 8 glasses of water a day is true, because ultimately (unless you are underweight or over), the DV of water is somewhere between 55 - 70 oz.

Do some good to yourself and drink up that pure, clear liquid.......WATER!

Edited to add: weight in pounds(lbs) / 2 = water required in oz.......all units in US system


PoP said...

You should probably mention weight in lb (pounds)
Yeah, I have been following this for now 2 years, it helps in my running too

Annie said...

Oops sorry Pop. I totally overlooked that, being so used to weighing everything in lbs and oz! I will edit the post.
You rock dude, for running that marathon and that too for anoble cause. Good job!

PoP said...

Thanks Annie, nothing is more meaningful without you guys contributing. I will keep running, till the last penny :)

Annie said...

You a highly motivated person and that is what got you started on it in the first place. I'm sure penny or no penny, you will do your bit. Good luck!