Friday, May 22, 2009

Two fabulous girls and a weekend!

TGIF! yup, my thoughts since I woke up this morning in the wee hours (well, not really, unless you are like me, then yes 6:30 am is still midnight), messing with my head!
Added to that (today being Friday and then the long weekend, I mean), walk into office someone calls you a young lady( YAY, I'm still young according to one person *heart jumps with joy*, and i tell him, he's one of my fave person's from today), and another compliments me on how I look today (well, he says I am a pretty thing! yeah, well let's just say thanks!), and waiting for my sis to visit us tomorrow for the long weekend! Yes, life's great!

I haven't awaited anyone else's arrival more than her's in recent times, I'm so glad she's coming over. It's always fun to be around family, isn't it? I wish my other sis also could make it! :( we'll miss ya!  

As for the planning, we haven't yet planned much, coz it all depends on how co-operative the weather is, either way am sure we'll have tres chic fun ( we have some ideas for both indoor and outdoorsy stuff todo). and this time, I don't have to worry about me losing any more hair than I already have (stress of planning and all ya know!) 

So, let's welcome my sis, the long wknd with her and lots of fun time (blame it on the a a a a a alcohol)(you didn't hear that from me), and o yeah not to mention the young and beautiful me( I think, this will stick around with me for a while now, esp the young part) ! hehehehe 

Have a fabulous long weekend y'all and tell me what are your plans? 
I leave you with one of my all time fave songs, Rafi sahab couldn't have done it better, and Shashi Kapoor couldn't have acted better (OMG he's my fave) is in the air, or more precisely, love is in the Kashmiri air!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes it gets you!

I don't know why but this song has been on my mind for a while now. Something about it is just so appealing.
Is it the slow and steady beat, or is it the way it's sung, or is it the rendition on the whole?
Is it coz the sorrow is expressed so clearly yet so subtle and understated without being all dramatic?
or is it the singer..........who has this roughness in his voice, which is just so fresh and lethargically romantic in his own way?
I'm not able to decide, help me ..............what is it about this song that refuses to get out of my mind? Is it just me or do you also think this song is all over you?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apology accepted Google!

This is your pilot speaking. Now, about that holding pattern...

Imagine if you were trying to fly from New York to San Francisco, but your plane was routed through an airport in Asia. And a bunch of other planes were sent that way too, so your flight was backed up and your journey took much longer than expected. That's basically what happened to some of our users today for about an hour, starting at 7:48 am Pacific time.

An error in one of our systems caused us to direct some of our web traffic through Asia, which created a traffic jam. As a result, about 14% of our users experienced slow services or even interruptions. We've been working hard to make our services ultrafast and "always on," so it's especially embarrassing when a glitch like this one happens. We're very sorry that it happened, and you can be sure that we'll be working even harder to make sure that a similar problem won't happen again. All planes are back on schedule now. 

Posted by Urs Hoelzle, SVP, Operations

FIP revealed

You might've heard of this Fake IPL Player by now and how many readers they get and all that shiz. But, if you don't know who is who, it's really stressful (yeah, seriously).  

A friend of mine, Pop has made our lives so much easier and stress-free ("blame it on the goose"?, nah don't quite agree with Jamie Foxx on this one, although goose is def. one of my faves!).

He decoded the fake names. So make sure you read his post at POPology. Trust me you wont be let down! I'm also copying it here, for the rest of you lazy people who don't want to click on the link.

And on a goosey note, here's Jamie Foxx

Take it away Pop...........

If you are Following IPL Fake Player --
You gotta follow this too....

IPL Fake Player Nick Names Glossary
(Updated along iplfakeplayer blog

Aila - Sachin Tendulkar
Appam Chutiya - Sreesanth
Arnold Power - Ramesh Powar
Baja of Baroda - Anshuman Gaekwad
Bangla Tiger - Mortaza. Few people are also guessing Wriddhiman Saha.
Bantli - Preity
Bevdaa - Jessie Ryder
Bevdaa team - BRC - Bangalore Royal Challengers (Mallya's Team)
Bhookha Naan – Buchanan
Big Brother - Raj Kundra
Big Mac - Mathew Hayden
Big Sister - Shilpa Shetty
Boy George - Joy Bhattacharya, CEO of KKR.
Bubaan - Arindam Ghosh
Bublee - Bret Lee
Bunty - Ness Wadia (Babli's mate)
Calypso King - Gayle
Candy Nickel - Andy Bichel
Castro - Fidel Edwards
Chatterjee Kaaku - Old Guy from the KKR Ad 'Tum Bhi Jeetoge'
Chhota Chetan - Cheteshwar Pujara
Chikna Pussy - David Hussey
Chinnu Popli - Shreevats Goswami
Chintu Singh - Anureet Singh
Chirkut Teli - Virat Kohli
Cool Dude - MS Dhoni
Darwaan of Patiala - Tom Moody
Deegrah Patan - Irfan
Dewar - Rahul Dravid
Dhakkans - Deccan Chargers
Durbaan - Tom Moody
Emerald Pearl – Angelo Mathews
FIP - Fake IPL PLayer
Former India fast bowler who will remain a former India fast bowler - Agarkar
Ganji Hanger - Sanjay Bangar
Ghati Baba - Rohit Sharma
Gilli danda - Ashok Dinda
Hawaii Chappal - Greg Chapel
India's best fast bowler - Ishant Sharma
John Wrong - John Wright
Joker - Nepali guy (Chang) who was Indian Idol host
Junta/ Junta Tormentor - Ajanta Mendis
Kaan Moolo - Ajit Agarkar
Kameez Pajama – Rameez Raza
Kishen Kanhaiyya - Ravi Shastri
Laal Chaddi Dada / Lordie - Sourav Gangly
Lady Jaya - Jayawardene
Little John - Ishant Sharma
Little Monster - Sachin
Little Sister - Shamita Shetty
Lord Almighty/ Lordie - Sourav Ganguly
Mangal Pandey - LR Shukla
Mira Bhai - Harbhajan Singh
Mr. Batlivala - Mallya
Panty Curry - Robin Uthappa
Pedophile Priest - Gilchrist
Pedophile Priest - Gilchrist
Peter Ka Beta – Pietersen
Phoren babas - McCullum & Buchanan
Prince Charles of Patiala - Yuvraj Singh
Pussy - David Hussey
RDB - Ranadeb Bose
Re-Peter - Peterson
RVR Singh / Pamela Inder Singh - VRV Singh
Saala Slimeball - Lalit Modi
Sandy Baddy Babe - Mandira Bedi
Shakespeare - Aakash Chopra
Sheikh of Tweak - Shane Warne
Sparrow / Parrott - McGrath
Springbock - Rander Wyke
Springbok - Morne Van Wyk
Sticky Something - Ricky Ponting
Style Bhai spinner - Murali Karthik
Sultan of Tweak - Shane Warne
The Rajputs - RR - Rajasthan Royals
Vakkel Saab - Kumara Sangaksarra
Very very special friend Ram - VVS Laxman
Vinnie Dildo/ Badsaah Dildo - Shah Rukh Khan

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoes n me

I'm lurving these Louboutin pumps ........why you ask?
Coz, they are insanely ridiculously spelled out in LOVE! Would be interesting to wear with my LBD I guess.

My fascination with shoes of all kinds will never end I guess. As they say, you can take the girl away from shoes, but you can't keep the shoes away from the girl! Oh ok, spoiler, don't go rolling your eyes now! Even I'm not sure what I meant there, but whatever you got the point right?

Anyways, tell  me what do you think, insanely ridiculous or ridiculously delicious?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I don't know what I did ..............

I absolutely have no clue as to what am I going to blog about today, but nevertheless I will go ahead with whatever random things I can think of.

Let's start off with my my fave TV show in the entire world, DWTS! Wow, what a show this week, Monday's performance from all was simply superb, my vote definitely goes to Gilles, but looks like he is kinda losing his charm, I esp love the little newscast on him by the 3 stallions, calling him "Sex on a stick" (hehehe, totally rofl) and their comment on how he sheds his clothes at the drop of a hat, and then them 3 do that!  Anyways, my point is, I was completely apalled to see Lil Kim eliminated, I guess Ty himself was shocked when he learnt he was still in the competition. But we must give him credit to win votes, based solely on the fact that he's too cute! I won't be surprised if he wins the trophy

Now that we got done talking about DWTS, I started reading Rhett Butler's People, and boy am I glad to do that, it's been on my list since forever. I'm waiting for this weekend, when I can spend more time reading while sipping on a cool margarita and getting baked tanned in the sun! Yay, it's summer and I love this season. Here are a few reasons.....
Firstly, the days are longer, that means there is so much more time to get a lot of stuff done.
Secondly, waking up in the morning is not a fight anymore (in winter, all I want to do is crawl back to bed totally undercovers!!). 
Thirdly, it's the sun! I love the sun and I love the fact that I don't have to wear coats/jackets/sweaters/closed toe shoes and the winter works. I can happily go around in my capris,dresses and skirts and cottons and mainly my summer sandals and shoes. 
Fourthly(am I allowed to say that?), it's back to cool drinks, and mangoes and aam panna (green mango drink which is absolutely divine!) and loads of fresh fruits and veggies, read strawberries!
Fifthly (oh boy, there I go again, am sure these are not legal words), more time at the beach and more picnics and more time outside! 
Last but not the least, end of allergy season....YAY! Now I can breathe easy, and you can too coz if you've read this far then seriously either you love my writing or you have too much time on hand (can you do some of my work please?). Please tell me it's the writing, it's a win-win for you, then you can read more from moi!! haha, I like that, "more from moi"

Anyways, these are a few of my favorite things about summer, what are yours?

P.S.: I can't believe I actually formed this many sentences with almost no ideas at all. Wow, I need to get an MRI done to see how my brain actually looks like! ewww gross! this is proof enough that I can never enter the medical field. So there's my medical analysis for today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few words of wisdom

Life is too short, try to not make it too complicated.........
Work as if it was your first day,
Forgive as soon as possible,
Love without boundaries,
Laugh without control, 
Never stop smiling.......
Even if you don't know the reason.

Yes, trust me, life can be lived this way too. Try it once and you'll know.

Monday, May 4, 2009


To the really annoying Swine Flu,

I/We have heard enough of you already. Please go away and stop affecting so many people, esp children. It is not fair that you should be so mean. I've had enough with you and it's in the best of interest for both of us if you depart as silently and lamely as you appeared. It makes no sense that you want to put your hold for this long, and trying to gain so much importance even though you are absolutely not welcome.

So, in the best interest, GO AWAY ASAP!


Friday, May 1, 2009

The secret life of........

What's more happening than the game itself? behind the scene action. And now with the IPL season almost halfway through, tell me atleast one person who is as eager to watch the matches as compared to the previous year? I believe there are far few. What goes on with a cricketer or the team management was always an inside thing and they have always maintained their privacy that movie celebs can't even dream of. But now the mole in the KKR team (or that's what he/she claims to be!) is exposing it all with the sensational and obvious name, FIPLP ( I haven't given the name in it's entirety coz I don't want that traffic). Everyone in the management, staff and the team are in total fear of what might be revealed that is related to them, am sure it's quite amusing to the person who is actually blogging about this, might be like a mini movie.

But as Shobha De puts it, when film personalities are prepared for the media exposure, it's time for the cricketers also to deal with the same. Afterall, Bollywood and cricket are the two most popular passtimes/fields in the Indian sub-continent.

So what I want to say is that whoever it is, I'm loving his/her writing, so are the thouands of other people. And that person has got some really innovative names for them all, I just couldn't stop smiling as I was reading through. Although, I so wish he/she wouldn't reveal their identity by the end of the tournament(as he claimed he would), I wish they would continue blogging, if not for IPL. Total tp hain yeh blog.

Do visit that blog and see for yourself what I mean by complete entertainment, it's more captivating than the game itself. Do tell me what you think of it 
Additionally, let's give a huge round of applause to the wonderful world of blogging! More on that later.

Do come back to tell me your opinion.
Have a good day y'all and an even better weekend.