Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more letter

I forgot one very important letter from the previous day's blog post

Dear my unused-in-a-while kitchen utensils/dishes/everything,
I know I've been neglecting y'all a lot lately, and I feel really bad that I did. I can't believe that even something as simple as Maggi turned out to be a disaster in the past. But, what's done is done, from now on I promise to make it up to you and make the best out of our lifelong commitment to each other. I hope we both continue to create the magic we used to prior to my illness. 
a neglected cook and an unused talent!

Another real life horror story

Please spread word on this ASAP.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To dear.....

Some letters that were due to go out are now on their way.

Dear mystery illness,
I hate that you brought so much pain and misery into my life and I hope you wont be visiting us again. I've been very patient with you, but enough already, now I'll fight back and I wont let you take over my life. I wish for you to be gone with forever and please dont ever return, you do know you are not a very pleasant thing to be around dont you? atleast you should've made yourself clear, you certainly are one playa! So hope to not encounter you ever again.
Truly and not so lovingly,
your bearer from the past

Dear Angelina Jolie's emeralds and Amy Adams' necklace from the Oscars,
I wish you had graced my neck instead, I'm sure I would've made a great addition to your absolute brilliance!
Oodles of ooh's and aah's from,
a gal dreaming of owning you one day...sigh!

Dear AR Rahman and Resul Pookutty,
I am so proud of you both, and AR....2 Oscars in one night, wow that is like a dream come true for so many of the Hollywood stalwarts themselves. Although, I hope the world hears a lot more of your earlier compositions which were far superior than SM.
a fan basking in your achievement

Dear PCC people,
Very good deed and a novel approach to this discrimination. Although I do pray that you people will be safe and happy, I fear for your safety the most.
a wellwisher and someone who's been waiting for some change

Dear Hugh Jackman,
I wish you didn't jump about so much at the Oscar's, the dance routine's were good, but a little overdone, c'mon you were voted as the most sexiest man weren't you? I think you are a looker but ......
one who wants to see less of your dance

Dear Coca-Cola,
I really love your new ads, they make me want to have some all the time. But I don't like the recycling ad, I know bottles do get recycled and all that, but the eco friendly projection didn't quite do it for me. I'll drink to that!
an avid Coke Zero consumer and continues to do so!

Dear Amitabh Bachchan,
I thought you were really the best, considering your uber busy schedule, you still take time to blog every friggin' day..........gosh, until I stumbled upon the truth and that is you are paid to do that! Now now, even I would blog every day, heck I would blog every hour if someone paid me to do so.
a disappointed co-blogger

OK I think that should do!

......and I'm back

...after a really long void....well let's call it the leave of absence shall we?
Hmm, now where do I begin!!! Has it ever happened with any of you that blog, you think of a thousand things to write about when you are not blogging, but when you do sit down to blog, everything evaporates and all you can think of is what were those thoughts again? Eventually you end up writing something totally not thought of or something not even remotely close to what you sooo badly wanted the world to know just a couple of hours back!
Anyhooo.....I was sick for the past couple of months or so, been seeing the doc and been on antibiotics and stuff, yet we couldn't figure out what was going on, finally yesterday I decided enough was enough, I stopped the pills(which I was popping like they were M&M's, and trust me if you know me, you'll know how much I love 'em) and guess what? I am feeling so much better today! As my Mr. says about me, the best medicine is not taking any, I'm side-effected to almost all of them. So good riddance to all those pills and all those weird symptoms and I am ready to welcome my old self back, I've been missing ME! Is that even possible to miss yourself? HMM
Whatevs....but I'm so glad to have a hubs like mine, he bore with me all through this tough time and believe me you, it is no party! Although I do feel bad that I lost about 2 months of precious time with my precious family! I know I can never get it back, but I will try my best to make up for it all!

So finally I would say that after those M'lore attacks/PCC and some other social issues my head was spinning dizzy and seeing so many debates on the television and reading views/opinion of people from various walks of life, one thing I noticed is that, no matter how much noise we create w.r.t. these anti-social elements and injustice to the citizens.......I believe that unless the current administration is completely eliminated, and fresh minds are brought in, there is nothing one can do. We fight, we argue, we hold andolans/morchas, send in innerwear, whatever, doesn't matter, eventually everyone has a life to attend to, and they know it. So, I think, it's just a matter of time when the tables will be turned. But we will keep fighting and hoping for that change. Are any of you with me on this?

Have a good one y'all, and you will be reading a lot more from me henceforth.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have....

...signed up for Earth Hour 2009 at . Did you?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I don't support.....

I've been thinking, thinking a lot! I don't think I am supporting the Pink Chaddi campaign. Somehow, the idea seems unappealing to me, I would rather the thugs be punished than sent underwear. 

Those guys are so downright cheap, that they would sell those chaddis and make money out of it or worst....hand them back to every girl/woman they see doing 'immoral' deeds or wearing inappropriate clothes per se! *Rolling eyes* Now that doesn't mean I am scared of them, but I just think we need to take a more stern approach to it. Something like the Gulabi Gang would work I believe. And another major medium to promote this nonsense of living morally is the entertainment industry. We girls do not like to be bothered, and eve teasing songs do not mean fluttering eyelashes at the end, no means NO! Wearing a sari or a jeans, does not affect our culture or anything else! So please let us be.

So in the end, my opinion on the campaign is NO!
and I'm as sick as sick can be! tch tch poor annie!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Reason....A Hope....for hurt, fear, anger and worry!

I thought it was only fair that I must provide my readers with a justified reason as to why I am not blogging anymore, so that's why I am opening up again, just for the sake of y'all. Thank you for all the comments published/unpublished and the words of encouragement, this post is dedicated to each and every one of you. This post is not an explanation of actions, but a word of encouragement and hope. Hope is what keeps us going. and this post is the exact reason why I haven't answered any of your questions w.r.t to my previous entry.

Yes, the truth of the matter is that I have been unable to keep myself away from blogging after being hopelesly addicted to it. For many of you that wonder why you couldn't get through, well let's just say there were certain incidents that had me so annoyed, and I just didn't want to voice in my opinion, especially after reading other blogs. The pen is mightier than the sword they say, but in this case that old adage doesn't apply. 

Signing online petitions is one thing and actually doing something for real is another thing. Out of the 2 options, signing online petitions, joining groups on Facebook etc is, but the most easiest thing, but I dont want to be a part of it, coz I know a few months later, they are lost in the vastness, then something else comes along and the past is forgotten. But what about those people that have been affected by the so-called incidents/events? They will be scarred with this painful memory etched in them forever. Is justice being served to them in their lifetime? I could be one of them, anything could happen to anyone, I don't want to go through any pain especially knowing that the people who caused me this suffering are roaming free and inflicting more people with their evil ways and all in the name of morality. True, justice will be brought eventually by the Almighty(be it any religion, btw, all of them are same, we just classify them into various channels as per our convenience), but who cares what happens after we die, we want to see justice happening now, so that no one else dares to perform such atrocity. I am waiting in the hope that something will be done about this moral/immorality. Doing stuff in the name of religion and God (again, whichever God doesn't matter) is just sooo inexcusably wrong. I am scared to even think about what will I do when I have no one to goto when I have been hurt. The Constitution offers me my rights, but what use are those very rights when no one knows what they are, forget following the Constitution. No, I am not blaming anyone here, but I am blaming myself and a lot of my peers, coz we are the system that caused this system to be what it is today and I am sure nothing will change in the upcoming elections. Change, we Believe In is what the current leader had as a slogan when he was campaigning to be the most powerful leader in the world to the most powerful country. Yes, he believes in himself, we believe in him. Can I say the same about the country and the people of the country that gave me my nationality? The answer is, unfortunately a straight NO.

I am ashamed, to be secretly glad that I am not living in India no more. But that is the fact, sadly. I am deeply hurt, but more than that I am extremely worried about the future. Will everyone lose their rights to these so-called fundamentalists who are mental in any case? Why are they called the 'Moral Police'? My foot, who is giving them these names anyway? 30 minutes of fame during elections, yes an awfully cheap political stint, it's working for them, so why not take it to the extreme! As I type this I am so enraged.

Our country, where once religion was just a matter of difference in praying, celebrating, exhibiting and practising tolerance and understanding towards other cultures, is now downgraded. I was proud of the fact that all religions are my religions, I was proud of me when I could recite the Pledge of India and sing the Anthem with great dignity standing amongst individuals of diverse faith. While, a lot of them like me can still do it, I doubt if we still have the freedom to express anymore. I hope our beloved country doesn't turn into one of those where you are humiliated and considered an outcast if you dont follow the rules of these so called 'fundamentalists'. I always add the term 'so-called' before addressing those groups, coz they do all this just for their personal gain but they reap a lot more than expected, which is good for them, but not as much for the rest of us. Us who are more powerful together than all of them thugs combined. When will we all come together to fight this atrocity disguised as moral values, when will we claim our nation and our peace back? Will it remain a dream that never turns to reality and accept it and keep dumb, or will our anger/emotion/hurt turn to aggressive reclaiming of our freedom? The very freedom that our ancestors fought for to drive the English out, looks like we have to do that again, but this time we fight our own country people. Sadly, I do not see even an inkling of that spirit in anyone apart from these internet movements, which I am not even sure are any worth. Today I blog, tomorrow I forget, then what?

I hope that someday, I will be able to give a beautiful world to my future generations and I hope that all of you also wish for the same! I hope a girl/woman can be independent and do what she wants someday. I hope a person is respected and loved equally,  irrespective of their faith. There is a lot more I would like to add here, but the mode of conveying is very confined, so here I am trying to make my point.

THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD, if this were true, then there are a lot of individuals I can name off the top of my head who can and have the ability to mean each and every word of this line to come true. In the race to make more money, all of us are losing our humanity. This applies to all. What will my children or any child for that matter consider what is moral and what is not? Will they grow up to believe that beating up people for your own benefit is the right thing to do? Would you let your child turn into that?